Karen Lepage

Karen is a garment designer and pattern writer/illustrator. She co-hosts Sew Ann Arbor, designs sewing patterns for herself and others, consults on getting sewing patterns to market, teaches sewing classes, gets other designers started using Adobe Creative Cloud (beyond fumbling around in Photoshop) and volunteers in the Ann Arbor and Detroit crafty communities. In addition, she makes bespoke garments for people who are sensitive, hard-to-fit, or just too individual for clothing off the rack.

Karen is the Founder of Gentle Clothing, launching in Fall/Winter 2015 offering handmade garments and sewing patterns to cultivate a wardrobe of clothes worth mending.

Karen is a true collaborator, working on  patterns for Monaluna, and Alison Glass Designs, as well as for other designers. She’s regularly featured in Stitch Magazine, and teaches classes on CraftDaily.com.  Her first book, Sewing for Boys, was released in 2011.

Karen’s teaching style is compassionate and encouraging, bringing kindness to otherwise intimidating concepts.