Beginners Guide to Torrents

Torrents are a way of sharing and downloading files, especially the large ones. The files contain certain details such as the name of the file, size of the whole file, the one who created the file, and also the URL of where the file is stored by the host server. Usually, people are wondering about whether the use of these torrents is legal or not. Well, the truth is they are legal and at the same time they are not.

The confusion arises when the files with copyright are also being shared and downloaded. That is not legal while downloading and sharing of other files is completely safe. The most popular torrents that can be used for free in order to share and download files include uTorrent, BitTorrent, Tixati, and many more. You can read more about them by looking them up on the internet.

There are certain terminologies of torrents that you should be aware of in order to use a torrent. Whenever you open up a torrent you will see some words like seeders and leechers, well here is what you need to know about such terms:


Any person who is sharing the original file with others is called a seed, this person may also be the only one who has the complete original file.


The individuals who have parts of the original file are referred to as peers. While downloading a certain file, in most cases you are probably downloading bits and pieces of the original file from the peers till the whole file is assembled on your device eventually.


Users are supposed to share files as well as upload them in order for things to run smoothly, however, there are certain users who only download files, they are called leechers.