Roseann 2015 2Roseann is currently a quilt shop owner based just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She creates and implements strategies for business growth, determines long and short range goals, keeps an on on industry trends and develops marketing opportunities with other local store owners and quilt store owner groups. From snail mail to Instagram, she’s worked hard to keep her business in front of consumers for over twenty years. The message doesn’t change but the methods do! She believes business owners need to do everything they can to keep up with the technology. Additionally, she organizes events like her annual Celebrate the Season quilt retreat with 90 attendees and the Quilt S’More retreat with 150 attendees. With experience working for large companies like American Quilt Retailer and OLFA, Roseann has become an expert in taking big-brand marketing strategies to bring greater success in small businesses. Visit for more info.

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