AGD_PhotoAlison Glass is a surface and pattern designer and lives in Virginia. She lives with her super family, husband Chris, and kids Anna and Jack, who encompass her biggest goal of being there for and doing well by them. Alison adores color and pattern, and loves designing fabric the most as a lovely combination of these things. A close second is mixing fabrics in distinctive ways, and particularly hand stitching and quilting, and the act of creating artisan quality, cherish-able goods. She is a big fan of simplicity and growth, and thinks that trying hard, with an open attitude, is most of doing. Alison is a fan of the phrase ‘Live in the New,’ meaning: acknowledging the past, and more so embracing the current reality, and moving into it the new, the future, focusing on what is present: people, work, ideas and what can be accomplished. Alison is fabric designer for Andover Fabrics, publishes sewing patterns under the Alison Glass Design brand, has product collaborations with Aurifil and Weeks Dye Works, and is an author with Lucky Spool Media. Please visit her website, for more information and inspiration.

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